RSG Commercial Property Advisors

Washington D.C. –- RSG Commercial Property Advisors- Even prior to obtaining his bachelor’s degree in Economics in 1996, Andy had already spent significant time around his father’s appraisal office, learning from the ground up a business that he simply enjoyed and that seemed to come naturally to him. Committed to modern appraisal practice and advanced technology, Andy serves some of the largest banks from around the world, as well as many great local and regional institutions in the Washington, DC Metropolitan area. In addition to his extensive experience producing appraisal reports, he also reviews for several major regional banks and prepares many consulting assignments and marketability studies to local and regional investors, developers, and owners.

Andy Ruffner, MAI, SRA – Andy has always loved the grappling arts and still actively competes in grappling tournaments, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competitions, and mixed martial arts bouts. He manages to balance work with his sporting activities, volunteer opportunities, and his three wonderful sons and wife, Kaet.

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Vanguard Realty Advisors

Southern California, Nevada, Arizona – Vanguard Realty Advisors- We are a commercial appraisal company that is small enough or large enough for your needs. Many of the smaller commercial appraisal firms (1 to 2 person shops) do not have the capacity, database & resources, and/or experience with various property types and geographical locations. Many of the larger national commercial appraisal firms have trainees performing the appraisals. All appraisals are performed by experienced licensed commercial appraisers. Many of the larger national commercial appraisal firms charge “brand fees” and have huge shared (appraisal, management, brokerage) overhead resulting in high cost commercial appraisals. Furthermore, the larger national commercial appraisal firms are commingled with a brokerage & management division. This is important as we are not influenced by a brokerage arm and are truly independent and unbiased. We only provide commercial appraisal and consulting services. We do not include additional fees for shared overhead expenses nor do we charge “brand fees” for being part of a larger national commercial appraisal firm.

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